Tuesday, November 22, 2011

National Book Week

History In 1934, in response to the petition of the Philippine Library Association at the time, Governor General Frank Murphy issued a proclamation designating as National Book Week the period extending from June 18 to 24 of every year. This was aimed at arousing the national interest in reading good books and "designed to sell the public library to the community by focusing the attention of the people on its resources and the extent and nature of its services." To insure greater participation of the public, various libraries, and educational institutions, the program of celebration was so designed to include the essay and poster contests, book exhibitions, and visits to libraries and printing establishments. In the past, important local newspapers and magazines published contributed articles and messages about National Book Week, and two programs were broadcast over radio. Prominent men and officials of the Philippine government, such as Governor General Frank Murphy, President Manuel L. Quezon of the Philippine Senate, the most Reverend Michael O'Doherty, Archbishop of Manila, and Dr. Rafael Palma, President of the University of the Philippines, contributed congratulatory messages for the souvenir program. Judging from the response of the public and from the cooperation given by the leading universities, school libraries, bookstores, printing establishments, and different educational institutions, the idea of a book week was enthusiastically welcomed throughout the country resulting in the recognition of the public library service. In 1936, Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon moved the dates of the annual celebration to November 24-30. In 1937, the Philippine Library Association published and distributed a pamphlet entitled "Book Festival Handbook," a collection of materials and suggested ideas for celebrating Book Week; its purpose was to encourage schools, colleges, universities, and other institutions to participate. It was compiled by Mr. Perfecto S. Sison, who was then the Chairman of the Book Week Committee. In 1939, the Catholic Church began taking an active part in the observance of the Book Week. The Archbishop of Manila designated the Sunday Book Week for the observance for all Catholic Churches and enjoined priests to deliver sermons on the value of reading good books. The Bishops likewise enjoined parishes in their respective dioceses to observe the day. Some Protestant churches joined the celebration by holding special programs and exhibits. Every year, the National Book Week has been observed all over the country with a similar program of activities. Source: http://en.wikipilipinas.org/index.php?title=National_Book_Week

Celebrating Library and Information Services Month

Libraries are the stewards of our national heritage which contain a wealth of materials representing the richness of our nation’s history, acquired over the centuries. They organize a wide array of knowledge sources which we consume in our everyday living. They are more than collections of books with the added value of description, cataloguing and classification Libraries also make sure that the public have equal access to all these varied resources. The whole citizenry, especially students and academicians, are encouraged to take advantage of the diverse formats of information sources available in libraries to include print, audiovisuals, microforms, graphic materials and the fast becoming format choice particularly of the younger members of the library users, the electronic and digital resources, including access to the Internet. Bearing in mind the inestimable importance of libraries and information centers, the month of November was declared “Library and Information Services (LIS) Month” by Presidential Proclamation 837 in 1991. The Philippine Librarians’ Association and the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) spearhead the various activities for the 20th LIS Month and the 77th year of the National Book Week on November 24-30, in cooperation with the National Committee on Library and Information Services (NCLIS) of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts. Historically, the National Book Week Celebration began with Proclamation No. 696, series of 1934 by American High Commissioner Frank Murphy and Proclamation 109 issued in 1937 by President Manuel Luis Quezon. The theme for this year’s LIS Month and National Book Week celebration is “Libraries for Progress.” This will also be the theme to be adapted by the PLAI for the 2011 National Conference and Congress to be held on November 16-18 at the Hotel Elizabeth in Baguio City. Since its establishment in 1923 the PLAI continues to hold training and education programs to keep librarians abreast of the recent updates on library and information technologies. The association has been in the frontline of research and development in the field. It has received recognition from the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as the Accredited Professional Association (APO) pursuant to Republic Act 9246 issued in 2003. Still part of this year’s celebration, various activities shall be held to include the Official Opening of the LIS Month on November 4 and the opening of the National Book Week on November 24, both will be held at the Epifanio de los Santos Auditorium of the National Library. Other library and librarians’ association shall be conducting continuing professional education activities. There will also be various seminars, workshops and conferences that shall coincide with the Celebration. Expected to join are the different PLAI Regional Councils and the Philippine Association of Academic and Research Librarians (PAARL). Kudos to the National Library of the Philippines, the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, and the Philippine Librarians’ Association, Inc., on the 20th Library and Information Services Month and the 77th year of the National Book Week. LIBRARY AND INFORMATION SERVICES MONTH 2011 CALENDAR OF ACTIVITIES November 4 Opening Ceremonies of the LIS Month Motorcade PLAI-NCR Forum on “Information Poverty on Climate Change: Information Consumption on the Nation’s Objectives” to be held at the Epifanio de los Santos Auditorium, The National Library at 1:00 p.m. 9-11 National Conference on Training for Librarians, Manila Grand Opera Hotel, Sta. Cruz, Manila (organized by the National Library) 10-12 CHILDREN'S LITERATURE ASSOCIATION OF THE PHILS., INC. 3-Day Seminar-Workshop on “Story Writing and Storytelling for Kids” with the theme: Write a Story and Tell it to Your Kids”. This will be held at the Teachers’ Camp, Baguio City 14 Book Talk Society of the Philippines in cooperation with the National Library of the Philippines 2nd National Workshop with the theme “Developing a Culture of Book Talk: Awareness, Consciousness, and Involvement” Epifanio de los Santos Auditorium, The National Library, 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. 16-18 PLAI National Conference and Congress, Hotel Elizabeth, Baguio City 24 Opening Ceremonies of the National Book Week Celebration 25 PAARL Forum “Library Personnel Productivity & Leadership” to be held at the National Library 8:00 a.m. PGLL Forum on the topic “Open Access to Legal Materials in the Philippines” to be held at the Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas 28 PATLS LIS Wizard at the C & E Conference Facility 30 Librarians’ Day – Fellowship Luncheon, Hyatt Hotel, Manila